The Self Help Comedy Hour with Ed Crasnick is... The Worlld's first Self Help Variety Show We unite sef help experts and entertainers. Featuring interviews, performance, self help demos and comedy bits.






August 2013
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Do you like comedy? How about music? How about Martial Arts?  This show combines all of them.

Andy Kindler is hysterically funny, and when he does a demonstartion of his skills as a third degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do (for real), its very interestinga nd entertaining also. Mike Kennelly is Andy's teacher (also mine), a facsinating person, whois a therapist, martial arts master and teaches something called appiied philosophy. Gary Stockdale is a great composer, arranger and singer/songwriter, has worked on films, tv shows and also with Penn & Teller. Gary does two songs in this show that will blow you away. A uniquely entertaining show-Enjoy!

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Recipe for a great show with 4 main ingredients:

1. Jimmy Dore-Multi-talented comedian/host discusses his family, growing up around anger, and shares a hysterical letter he wrote in response to an audience member who texted while he was on stage.

2. Shari Carlson-Acting and singing teacher talks about listening to that little voice inside that knows everything, and her new book about how working with an elephant at Marine World changed her life.

3. Therapist/Author/Speaker-Rebekah Vandeberg shares her path from Australia's Outback to helping people all over the world get back to the work they are meant to do and lives they are destined to live.

4. Singer/Songwriter/Puppeteer Grant Baciocco played and sang another great original song about youthful defiance.  Amazing group, amazing show! Enjoy!

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The Self Help Comedy Hour with Ed Crasnick #19  

Guests: Christine Blackburn, Chad Gervich, Allie Goertz

Some very good storytellers on this show, and terrific original music.

Christine Blackburn is an actress and the host of the Story Worthy Podcast on The Sideshow Network. Has also lived an amazing life, as a stewardess and in the peace corps in Tonga while at the same time overcoming cancer. Chad Gervich is a TV writer and producer, also an accomplished author with books about TV writing and a recent book called Psych's Guide To Crime Fighting For The Totally Unqualified. And we had completely original music from singer songwriter Allie Goertz, who unites pop-culture and comedians into her songs. Great Show! Enjoy!

Now up on itunes...

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What can I tell you, huge show, actually somewhat of a compilation show. Had a great conversation with Greg Fitzsimmons abour life, balance, family and why there were planes circling overhead. Caught up with Kevin Kataoka in NY, as he prepped for a comedy tour with W. Kmau Bell while working on FX's Totally Biased with W. Kmau Bell.  We had music by great singer songwriter Oded Gross and Dr. Michael Solomon did psychodrama with me, he is amazing, therapeutic role-play, wow!  Enjoy!

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Another great show taped live at The Cows End Cafe in Venice, CA.  Great to catch up with writer, producer and comedian Bill Riback. Billy has written and produced many sitcoms including Home Improvement for 6 seasons. We talked about comedy, therapy and teaching kids how to do standup, and explored his relationship with his own dad and how that shaped his comedy. But we don't stop there, from the world of self help; a chiropractor who heals with among other things; crystals. Jim Platts is very wise and very gifted. Then we had music by singer/songwriter Billy Kent, who has written for many artists-including Tower of Power.  Enjoy!

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