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Oh yes it's ladies night! Lucky to be joined by two brilliant, vibrant and funny performers. Cecily Knobler is a comedian, writer and movie critic-we talked about the best movies in mental heath and projected our own issues onto the characters-delightful. And Amber Tozer's comedy is her personal life and her way of looking at things that did and could happen, hypothetical comedy. Find out about the connection between trail mix, dreams and underwear. No place else can you! Enjoy!

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In this show, I pay a little tribute to my home town of Boston, rememberung just how great a place it is in the wake of The Boston Marathon bombing. there is music from a film called The Boondock Saints and moments from The Boston Garden Tribute.  And then, there is the one in a million comedy of Jackie Kashian. Jackie is fresh off a smash performance on Conan, we talk about the influence of her dad in her life, and her unique perspective on movies and why she's never seen Godfather II.  Great show.

Check out everything about Jackie, from her podcast; The Dork Forest, her book and special for Comedy Central, and the Conan appearance.

She is a joy!

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Two great guests on this show loaded with show biz talent while being very coll multifaceted people. First, we talk to the executive producer of Totally Biased with W. Kmau Bell on FX, Chuck Sklar. Then a great conversation with the host of America's Secret Slang on History channel, Zach Selwyn. Chuck and I have known each other since early standup days, talked about his life and work with Chris Rock and Louis CK-and all while he was ordering Chinese food in his apartment in NY. Zach is multi-talented, has 3 shows on the air and a terrific musician as well. We played his song "White People Problems" hysterical! We also spoke at length about Taxidermy.  Enjoy!!!

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The Self Help Comedy Hour with Ed Crasnick #13    

Special Guests: Denise Crosby, Roger Nygard, Karen Kilgariff and Cathy Ladman

Terrific show talking with actress/producer and Star Trek The Next Generation legend, Denise Crosby. Not only is she Bing Crosby's grandaughter, she left the show and came back as her own daughter! I can't even be here as myself. Plus Director of the Trekkies movies and award winning editor of Curb Your Enthusiasm, Roger Nygard. And quadruple threat Karen Kilgariff sings one of her amazing songs. And a little therapy with great comedian and actress Cathy Ladman. Hope you like it, or your money back!

Come for the celebration, stay for the fear of abandonment-

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Pre-Anniversary Special!!!

This one of a kind compilation show includes conversations and performances with all the people below, who are amazing!

David Cross, Margaret Cho, Greg Proops, Kevin Pollak, Karen Kilgariff, Andy Kindler, Todd Glass, Eddie Pepitone, Jonathan Katz, Phil Rosenthal, Geoff Bolt, Jason Nash, Tom Dimenna, Alie Ward, Georgia Hardstark, Samm Levine, Pete Bumgarner!!!


This is the time when comedians can be funny and real, show all of who they are. I talked with Paul Provenza (The Aristocrats, The Green Room with Paul Provenza, Set List) and Troy Conrad about their new show Set List, which is an improvised stand-up show, live and now on TV. We talked about using your imagination and not your material, kind of a metaphor for life. We talked about all the different skills a standup has, and some of the best around, both here and around the world. Plus, a wonderful song from emmy nominated composer/musician/arranger Gary Stockdale! Gary has worked in all media for years, has doen all the usic for Penn & Teller and many others.

Check them out, they are artistic pioneers, funny and brilliant!

Keep coming back, it works if you work it!




Great conversation with a show business renaissance man, and a man who has stayed in his share of Ramada Renaissance Hotels on the road. Wayne is a show business historian and a great standup, writer and now even produces his own film festival featuring people like Sara Silverman.

Drop me a line at

Keep coming back it worls if you work it!

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This show puts the V in Variety, The M in Mental Health, and The func in dysfunction. Paul Gilmartin is open, honest and and real about his feelings, deperession and the work with his great show The Mental Illness Happy Hour. You'll hear how doing a show about unedited subjects like mental illness and mental health, have helped him and so many others. And a visit from a talented actor Tom Dimenna who has a show wher he plays Telly Savalas.  There's no one who puts the self in self help like Telly. Plus, music by Ginger Smith & Kahlill Sabbagh, a married couple who refuse to let raising a young family stop them from performing, writing music and being the true artists they are. A great emotional roller coaster ride of a show!

check out Paul Gilmartin's show here

check out Tom Dimenna's show "who loves ya baby" here

check out Ginger Smith & Kahlill Sabbagh here as part of Brother Derek Blues Band


Had such a good time talking with Wendy. I think you'll really enjoy finding out about her life and beyond her brilliance as a comedian, is a very conscious person who gets very little sleep, which somehow has helped her perform.  Funny thing about this episode, as usual, crazy adventures in technophobia for me. We couldnt find a place for quiet, so we did the interview in her car in front of her house. Very good conversation, only half of it was lost, i hit a button.  So, we went back and did a chunk on skype, and would have done it under water, if i could have found a way to do so. Cathy Ladman, once again great as my therapist. And...a wonderful singer-songwriter, Sonya Bender!

Keep coming back, it works if you work it.  Big week, two big shows coming up later this week...stay tuned.


The Self Help Comedy Hour with Ed Crasnick #7  Todd Glass, Barry Kluger and The Blanks

If you love to laugh and grieve, this is the show for you!  Great conversation with the hysterically funny Todd Glass, and old friend who is one the best comedians working today. Todd loves standup, and he's great at it, always fresh and always real on stage-which is something very rare.  Then we have an encore medley from The Blanks, totally entertaining and unique acapella band who were also known as Ted's Band on the show Scrubs. Then, a fascinating conversation with a guy who has a great sense of humor, and who is The CEO of The Miss Foundation; an organization that helps families deal with the loss of a child. We talked about how Barry deals with the loss of his own daughter Erica, and how he helps others through The Miss Foundation and also is working to get a bill passed in congress to support families dealing with loss.

If you want to find out more about these talented people:

Barry Kluger on facebook

If you know someone, or you yourself is in need of support

The Todd Glass Show on Nerdist Channel

And please write to me and say hello, let me know you're favorite shows and movies to watch when you're sick, or anything else you want to tell me.

keep coming back it works if you work it!  Come for the celebration, stay for the fear of abandonment.

A new episode next week, every sun 11/8ampac  and mid/9pm pac on

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