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The Self Help Comedy Hour with Ed Crasnick #7  Todd Glass, Barry Kluger and The Blanks

If you love to laugh and grieve, this is the show for you!  Great conversation with the hysterically funny Todd Glass, and old friend who is one the best comedians working today. Todd loves standup, and he's great at it, always fresh and always real on stage-which is something very rare.  Then we have an encore medley from The Blanks, totally entertaining and unique acapella band who were also known as Ted's Band on the show Scrubs. Then, a fascinating conversation with a guy who has a great sense of humor, and who is The CEO of The Miss Foundation; an organization that helps families deal with the loss of a child. We talked about how Barry deals with the loss of his own daughter Erica, and how he helps others through The Miss Foundation and also is working to get a bill passed in congress to support families dealing with loss.

If you want to find out more about these talented people:

Barry Kluger on facebook

If you know someone, or you yourself is in need of support

The Todd Glass Show on Nerdist Channel

And please write to me and say hello, let me know you're favorite shows and movies to watch when you're sick, or anything else you want to tell me.

keep coming back it works if you work it!  Come for the celebration, stay for the fear of abandonment.

A new episode next week, every sun 11/8ampac  and mid/9pm pac on

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The Self Help Comedy Hour Special Bonus Interview with Kevin Pollak

This is a special interview with old friend Kevin Pollak. Not only is Kevin hysterical, doing spot on impressions and funny stories, he also gives some insights to his personal life. A unique interview that I wanted to share with you.

find Kevin on The Kevin Pollak Chat Show-

on twitter

and as Christopher Walken on talkin walkin...

in movies and on stage 

If you have any comments, questions, or with like to file a report with the local authorities, please say hello:

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The Self Help Comedy Hour with Ed Crasnick #5 Howie Mandel

I think you will love this episode.  Howie Mandel is very funny, also very insightful and honest about mental health issues including his own battle with OCD. Plus, a special medley by the great COMEDY acapella band from the show Scrubs 'THE BLANKS." This is truly the intersection of self help and comedy.

find howie here-

and here on twitter @howiemandel

Write me:

Love to hear what's going on in your life

Next week another great show!

Keep coming back, it works if you work it.

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The Self Help Comedy Hour with Ed Crasnick #6 Phil Rosenthal

Had a great talk with my friend Phil Rosenthal. Phil is the creator of Everybody Loves Raymond among many other shows and projects. We talked about Springsteen, what it feels like and what he went through doing the show. And we talked a lot about movies and Phil's famous Movie Night, which he's been doing for over 30 years. We talked in his screening room, in his home, where his wife sleeps and where his children used to play with their toys!


on twitter: @whereslunchphil

Write me and tell me your top 10 movies and what personal meaning they have for you.

Every week a new show with entertainers and self help experts. The Self Help Comedy Hour unites entetainers and self help experts.

It is the world's first self help talk/variety show.

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